[Review] Keysha in Guyana, South America promoting her single “Rewind, Undo”



Recently, Keysha was in Guyana, South America for a family reunion. Her first trip to the country of her families origin and of course it turned into business. Keysha was invited to bring her latest single “Rewind, Undo” off her latest EP “Vanity” to the most popular radio station in the country, BOOM 94.1fm. Keysha did one radio interview on July 22nd, and received so much love, tweets and requests, that she was invited back for interviews on July 24th and July 25th and even invited by the minister of tourism to perform at their annual festival that attracts more than 45,000 patrons yearly (unfortunately, due to conflicting schedules she could no attend). Keysha also did a TV interview with HJTV Channel 4 (BET of Guyana) listing her Top 10 favorite music videos of all time. Keysha met, and received support from Guyana’s highest political figures (The President of Guyana, Minister of Tourism and Minister of Housing). Keysha has every intention of returning to Guyana and expanding her reach as an artist, and as a ambassador of Hip- Hop music.


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