Keysha featured in new interactive App “Music Biz”

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Ever dream about owning your own recording studio? With the Music Biz you can build your dream record label empire by recruiting, training, and promoting your own crew of talent.

Music Biz features custom beat mixing technology. Be your own composer! Create your own songs by mixing tracks acquired in the game and share them with your friends.

Battle real life artists in Mix Challenges by mixing the style the crowd is hungry for. Winning a challenge unlocks these real artist Legends so you can learn more about them and sample their music. Collect over 20 Legends such as Kardinal Offishall, Madchild, Alchemist, Honey Cocaine, and Chuck Strangers!

Whether you’re doing publicity stunts, sellin’ songs, or buying better luxuries for your artists, it’s all about making it in the Music Biz.


Available  at on  iOS & Android at the app stores.



Music Biz Intv W/Keysha

“Hip-Hop for me is the glue that binds ties. You know when people are put in a room full of people, with nothing to say, they make some obvious, cliché comment about the weather, hip-hop is that conversation waiting to be had. It’s that never ending R.H King novel that I never ever got to finish, because every time you think its over, it evolves. Hip-Hop is that never ending conversation, that bridges the gap between entities that may have nothing else in common, except their favourite song happens to be from Common… that’s why I love hip-hop, it’s the longest story ever told, and has no indications of ending. Something so simple like words over a beat carries the strongest emotions […] that for me describes Hip-hop.”


Those are the words from the impactful and powerful, young Toronto hip-hop artist, Keysha, whose love for hip-hop was found as an adolescent neglecting the tempting kiddy powers of Disney pop soundtracks. Keysha also known as ‘Princess of the North’ found herself more interested in KRS 1, Slick Rick and Bahamadias. The style, beat, rhythm and the many attributes that come with hip-hop isn’t something that you just live in for the moment. She says it becomes embedded in your style; which is exactly what happened to her.


Her influence is very distinct especially through her productions and flow; you know she brings an old school hip-hop feel back. On her latest album Mona Lisa ( link:  ) and even in some of her releases like a personal favourite ‘Coolie high’ and ‘Rich Keysha’ she shows her strong, bold and empress flow . Listen below

Now, putting her own hip-hop voice and swagger together we anticipate her upcoming project ‘Vanity’.


“Vanity is like a tell all book. It really digs into my every emotion and my true feelings, every word, statement and thought that is projected on each song is from a real place and it just means a lot to me. The title on the flipside is the opposite of my character […] someone told me I had too much pride in a situation, and so exploring why I had to much pride in that situation this whole project idea came to fruition. 6 song project set to release [this month], which features Canadian R&B artists’ Tanisha Clarke, and Pluto, and Reggae artist/producer Chad Moore.”


Keysha already has a strong following (over 3,000 followers on twitter alone); it’s only a matter of her blowing up. Her hopes and aspirations are attainable. She says she’d like to not only work with the likes of Dr. Dre, Andre 3000 and Missy, she’s thinking bigger in terms of branding with Sony or Adidas. But, first she’s going to take it back to New York, the birthplace of her career. We at Music Biz can’t wait for that “new new” from the Princess of the North… soon to be queen.


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